1. Great perspective. Very practical ideas. Reminds me about the importance of submitting to each other out of reverence for Christ (Eph. 5:21). My wife is my best friend, and our marriage is a huge blessing. Thanks for posting this, Sandra!

  2. Love looking at marriage this way! I don’t know about anyone else, but having a child with special needs my family tends to get stuck in “disability world” as Kathie Snow puts it. Everything else gets put on the backburner. Thanks for the reminder to be present! 😀

  3. So insightful, if I think of all of the time I concentrated on getting my degree and then on my career and not giving that time to my marriage, which is suppose to be the most important committment in my life, I would give back my degree and my career to have given my marriage the attention it deserved and requires to thrive. Luckily my marriage survived all of that (maybe because I am married to a former family/marriage counselor) or maybe not as the saying goes, “being married to a plumber doesn’t mean your plumbing is getting fixed”! So my husband and I thank our DDIL for letting us know about this blog and thank YOU for sharing and opening up our eyes and hearts.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your personal insights Emily! It’s never too late to start developing a thriving marriage and it sounds like it’s something you’ve already started working toward. I’d love to hear more of your story!

  4. If I put half the effort into making DH ‘s life happier than I put in just my statistics class, he’d be blown away. Thanks for such a great perspective!

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