1. Love this! I’ve been married 16 years and am reminded that it was that very verse you shared that was my compass for finding the right mate once I became a Christian and felt that the one I did marry loved me in that way. I learned over the course of time that love is not always as automatic as it is in the dating years, but it ripens over time as we choose love over our own agendas.

  2. Lisa,

    Didn’t complete my last message & hope it wasn’t lost.

    Merry Christmas and Wishing You Much Love, Health & Happiness in the coming year.
    All the very best in 2012. HAPPY NEW YEAR HONEY TO YOU & DOC !!!

    Love Always,
    Toni – :o)

  3. Well Lisa – looks like my previous message didn’t post. Must admit it really was quite lovely if I might say so myself !!!! I just talked about how perfect (in my eyes) you and Carl are practically in every way and how great it is to be sharing a life with one’s soulmate. That’s what I think you 2 are doing (each other’s soulmate). Continue whatever you’re doing – because it seems to be working.

    My lost message was much better!!!! Missing you and Carl like crazy!!!!! (Maybe it’s just the smiles)!!

    Love ya’ honey,
    Toni – :o)

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