1. Thank you for surrendering and writing this post about it. I saw myself in every word. Quick surrender (I won’t even aspire to “immediate” at this point) is definitely not the first thought in my mind when faced with a challenging situation. May God help us all to keep this lesson close so that we may quickly move from fight to surrender.

  2. There is a song that says, “True victory- is found in my defeat.” I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Isn’t God amazing? That he would take our broken surrender and bring victory?

  3. jennifer, love it:) i can identify with much of what you had to say! the interesting thing is that these are not things we only need to learn when we are young! we need to have learned this by the time we are older as well! it helps us persevere!

    your comment about wrestling and going limp reminded of Jacob/Israel and his wrestle with GOD. for many of us, waiting is not easy…nor is trusting GOD and waiting for His timing…but it will come…with time:) m

  4. Hey girl! WOW this was so great -and amazingly pertinent to where I am right now too! Every time I read one of your posts I think to myself – we just may be brain twins! 😉 Thanks for yet another inspiring post!!

  5. Jennifer, this post is beautiful! From the amazing photo, your content, your writing style, to the heartwarming, sincere prayer at then end–simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  6. Surrender….so simple but so hard. But that has been when God has moved the most in my life, when I am at a place of surrender. Beautiful post!

  7. Jennifer, It does all go back to trust doesn’t it? Once we trust Him we can surrender! For some of us it’s a little at a time- baby steps; for some it’s something that happens all at once like turning a page!

  8. I’ve been thinking about your post since I read it last week.

    “My fight is with myself.”

    I really needed (and still need) to reflect on that sentence…thank you for writing from the heart!

  9. Loving you, your words and your heart. You are so inspiring and real. I am proud of you for letting go…and may we all do the same as the Lord reveals the situations we are still grasping onto. Blessings to you, my Friend!

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  11. I was drawn to read this……….and now I see why. The Lord spoke to me thru you today Jennifer. Thank you!

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