1. That quote hit me hard too! Good girls so easily get puffed up and all our puffiness prevents us from seeing the truth about ourselves. We are in just as desperate a need for the love and forgiveness of the Father as the prodigal.–no matter how good we look on the outside.

    Thankful for His grace,
    Mary Beth

  2. If I used twitter, I would definitely tweet that quote!!!

    I’ve been on both sides of this issue…the bad girl and the good girl. I totally agree…it’s ugly either way. Thanks to our Good Lord for GRACE!!!

    Jennifer ~ your posts have reminded me how much I liked that book (thanks for recommending it.) I wish I still had my book, but I gave it to another friend who is a good girl. I’ll have to buy it again.

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  4. A beautiful post. That quote hit me hard, too. Unfortunately, I am more like the older brother than I like to think. Before I accepted Jesus I was not “such a bad person,” I was a sinner, but still for the most part a good girl. Thank God for the grace that saved me from my sin. It doesn’t matter if you are going to hell on a roller skate or in a limo, the destination is the same. Oh what a Savior.

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